The Hunt family wish us all a blessed 2018 and thank us for our support.Unfortunately Ali’s gran died 3 days after her 100th birthday. Ali came home for her funeral and is now back in Cambodia and is working more regularly at Kossomak hospital Diabetes centre.
Cathy is now OMF healthcare team leader and this month has had a meeting with His Excellency Mom Bunthan (Secretary of State for Older Persons) . The meeting went very well. Cambodia plans to open the its first residential care home together with a day centre. .Cathy says they are very enthusiastic but lacking in expertise so they were very pleased to hear her ideas. Unfortunately she feels progress will be slow as funding is an issue. They have a building but it is not yet fit for purpose and she hopes to help with that too. Exciting times for them . Please pray for speedy progress with this.
We also received a picture of their Bible study group and in reply we sent a photo of our Conversations group which she was delighted to receive.
Please remember them in your prayers as they are so far away from family.