Sunday Service 29th November 2020

SUNDAY WORSHIP- Today  is the first Sunday of Advent.  Thanks to Ann Grant who made our Advent Wreath  this year and Rosemary Craig who provided the holly.  We will be starting the Christmas story and focusing on Mary . The reading will be Luke Ch1, v26-38 and will be read by one of our [...]

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Sunday Service 22nd November 2020

As we now find ourselves under Tier 4 restrictions, to keep us all safe, our Sunday Worship will also be online and on the phone line 0141 255 0382, available from 10am. Our Scripture readings will be, Psalm 95:1-7 and Luke 10:38-42, David will provide music and Rev Louise McClements will lead us in [...]

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Usually at this time of year we have lots of Church and Community Fairtrade stalls but due to Covid that is unfortunately impossible. However, the producers of Fairtrade goods in developing countries have had a really tough year and we can help them by buying their products.  If you would like bamboo socks, [...]

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Sunday Service 8th November

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY SERVICE- Worship in the church starts at 10:55am this Sunday. The service will be online and on the phone line early afternoon. The Scripture reading will be 1 Corinthians Ch15 v19, v35-44 and v50- 58. Julie will lead us in the prayers for others and Benediction.   David will play a beautiful flute [...]

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Mission Partners

Cambodia is under flood at the moment affecting over half a million people and resulting in 40 deaths. More than 270,000 hectares of rice crops have been damaged. The government are providing 100kg of non-seasoned rice seeds for each family affected. Please pray for those suffering at this time. Ali has been attending meetings [...]

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Sunday Service 1st November 2020

This Sunday we are going to take some time to remember our own faith journey. What it was or what happened to us that helped us find God, whether as a child, teenager or adult. How that little flame of faith grew to something which we now can’t imagine life without. The Scripture reading [...]

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