Map of Cambodia

Prayer points

Thank God that the passports  were renewed swiftly without any delays.

Please pray for all involved with Language Friends that they would experience the deep love of God

Please pray for all affected by Covid-19,  be it sickness, loss of travel/economic restrictions.

Thank God for our Field Director’s faithful service and please pray that God would be preparing the next Field Director.

This is the third year of the Hunt’s ministry in Cambodia.
Cathy has been helping out at OMF League of friends. This is a group for Cambodian children aged 5 to 8 where they practice English and listen to bible stories. She has also attended an OMF retreat with other members of the ex-pat community. Her work continues on Silk Island and she asks us to pray that a physiotherapist may come to help her.
Ali continues to work on the national guidelines for Diabetic foot care and is waiting for a meeting with the Ministry of Health to move things forward.
Sadly their children’s school camps have been cancelled as a precaution against coronavirus. Cambodia has now 24 cases of coronavirus. If this number spreads it would have grave results as many of the population cannot afford medical treatment.
Please remember the Hunt family in your prayers.