Map of Cambodia

Unfortunately Cambodia has had. 40% increase in coronavirus cases in the last few weeks. This has resulted in schools going back to online learning and Cathy’s work on Silk Island being curtailed.
Ali has sprained his ankle and has not been at work. He continues to meet with Roat and has been asked to collaborate on some research with Southampton university and the Prosthetics school in Cambodia. Churches are also back online. COVID tracing is getting better but a vast proportion of the population is without a smartphone making tracing challenging.
Please pray for the Hunt’s transition, packing up, and saying goodbyes during a global pandemic.

Prayer points:

Please pray for vaccine equity across the world. 90% of the population live in the Global South, and are either offered no vaccine, or less tested vaccine. This will be the case in Cambodia.

Please pray for Ali’s work and new project with Southampton University.

Pray for a silk Island that the children and parents would be diligent in doing home therapy .