Map of Cambodia

Prayer and Praise points

Praise God that Kirstin’s surgery went well

Thank God he kept everyone safe without too much harm in the traffic accident

The Hunt family have had a few relaxing days at  the coastal town of Kep. Unfortunately, as they were returning home, some young men on a motorbike crashed into the side of their van. Thankfully they were wearing helmets and sustained only a few cuts and bruises.
Ali is speaking at the Diabetes conference and has also been asked to represent the diabetes department at a conference in Kuala Lumpur but is undecided about attending.
Cathy continues her work at Silk Island and with her co-worker is developing treatment plans for their patients.
Cathy was involved with Daughters of Cambodia, a group working with trafficked people.  Unfortunately they are having funding issues and are looking for people to sponsor girls. Please watch the video of their work and consider if you could support in any way.
Thank you