Map of Cambodia

Prayer points:
As always, we are still studying Khmer. Please pray for progress and that this would lead to deepening relationships.
Please pray for Ali’s work on the national treatment guidelines and for good contacts at the Ministry of
Please continue to pray for God to send a physiotherapist to assist in Cathy’s EmbraceAbility work.

Pray for the Community Day, and safe and wise surgery and decisions.
Pray for the teachers and pupils as all children aged 9-18 will attend different camps 10-14 February.
Please pray for no delay in processing our passports.

Cambodia prayer info:
On 4th January a building collapsed In Kep province, killing 36 and injuring 23 others. In a country developing so fast, there is
a huge construction industry.  Workers move into the building as it is being built, often bringing their whole families. So, when a building
like this collapses whilst being built, they are all inside it. Please pray for safety and better regulations for the ongoing development of Cambodia.