Map of Cambodia

Prayer and Praise Points
Give thanks for recent encouragements at Ali’s work

Please pray for God to send a physiotherapist to assist Cathy with her work on Silk Island.

The Hunt family have had an eventful two months since returning to Cambodia.  On a recent visit to the coastal town of Kep a motorcycle collided with their van. Thankfully the cyclists were wearing helmets so apart from bruises all was well.
Ali has been very encouraged:

Firstly because he has been given a dedication member of staff to train in foot care; secondly he has given presentations in the Khmer language in both Cambodia and Malaysia; thirdly he has been asked to draw up national guidelines for diabetic foot care, a first in Cambodia. Please pray that all these ventures are successful.

Cathy is still working on Silk Island with disabled children and hopes a physiotherapist will come forward to help her. She is going on an OMF retreat this month and has attended the first Occupational Therapy day conference in Cambodia.

In many provinces especially in the North and East of the country there have been dangerous floods causing damage to over 60,000 houses, ruining crops, schools and health clinics.  Many people have had to be evacuated to safer areas.  Please pray for these people at this devastating time.