Map of Cambodia

The Hunt family hope everyone is keeping safe and well. They would like to share with us how people in Cambodia are being affected by Covid-19.

Prayer Points
Thank God  that the incidence of Covid-19 is very low in Cambodia and please pray for wisdom for all who are managing the response.
Please pray for the leadership team at Hope School as they plan for the next school year.
Please pray for Ali and the committee as they plan the OMF Cambodia conference
Please pray for the poorest in society who will suffer financially.

The Hunt family are self isolating with reduced trips to supermarket and markets.
Ali is no longer going to hospital but has been working on translating diabetics foot guidelines and is praying they will be accepted and published by the Ministry of Health.
Cathy has had reports from Silk Island that some of the most vulnerable families she works with have no income as their building work has ceased. Embrace ability have been considering the best way to support these families despite not wanting to visit the island because of risk of introducing the virus. They have been delivering food and therapy packs via Tuk-Tuk drivers.
Their children’s school remain closed and lessons are online. There is a concern with so many teachers out of the country that school may be unable to open.
The garment industry in Cambodia will be hugely affected by the virus.Some analysts are projecting a loss of 60% on exports. Western companies are refusing to pay. Factories have suspended activity since January affecting 100,000 workers.
Please remember the family and the poorest people in Cambodia in your prayers.