The city of Phnom Penh is  locked down overnight, with a nightly curfew and a ban on alcohol sales. There are several red zones within the city where people are not allowed to leave home except for medical emergencies, and are subjected to mandatory COVID testing. In these areas the government is distributing food.  In much of the rest of the city one member of the family can go out 3 times a week to buy food. All markets are closed. Please pray for the farmers finding it difficult to sell their  fruit and vegetable crops . Only wealthy Cambodians have a fridge or freezer, and there are many Cambodians who live from day to day and are struggling to feed their families. They are struggling with hunger and desperation. The quarantine centres are nearly full and the government is converting stadiums to cope with the numbers.
Ali is still completing work for the school of Orthotics and Prosthetics and Cathy continues to support the OMF healthcare team as well as doing home schooling. The girls will be unable to say goodbye to their friends as some live in the red zone.

On the 8th. May OMF have a UK Zoom event from 10 am-12pm.
“To Cambodia with Love”
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Life is very difficult in Cambodia at the moment. Please pray for the people and The Hunt family.