Sunday Service 20th December 2020

Today's’ Scripture Reading is the beautiful passage from John Ch1, v1-18 read our student  Julie . The sermon theme is ‘The Power of the Story’ reflecting upon the Nativity Story and how it can speak to each one of us in a unique way this Christmas . Julie will lead us in prayers for [...]

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Sunday Service 22nd November 2020

As we now find ourselves under Tier 4 restrictions, to keep us all safe, our Sunday Worship will also be online and on the phone line 0141 255 0382, available from 10am. Our Scripture readings will be, Psalm 95:1-7 and Luke 10:38-42, David will provide music and Rev Louise McClements will lead us in [...]

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Sunday Service 8th November

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY SERVICE- Worship in the church starts at 10:55am this Sunday. The service will be online and on the phone line early afternoon. The Scripture reading will be 1 Corinthians Ch15 v19, v35-44 and v50- 58. Julie will lead us in the prayers for others and Benediction.   David will play a beautiful flute [...]

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Sunday Service 25th October

Today's Scripture readings are Psalm 121 and Luke 18:1-8. I encourage you, if you have time to have a read through. Growing up with the Campsie Hills in sight makes Psalm 121 come alive to me It will be good to share with you on Sunday. This will be my first time at Lenzie [...]

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Sunday Service 18th October 2020

Bone Weariness meets Divine Steadfastness Today’s Scripture reading is Exodus Ch33, v12-23. If you have time try and read it through slowly today. It’s a wonderfully rich text which describes a conversation between Moses and God. Moses is weary and irritable and you can pick this up in the text amidst the jumbled [...]

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