Come and Sing!  That means YOU!  We’re starting a new singing group for all the reasons given about singing being good for you.  It’s for people who have dementia, those with Alzheimer’s, their carers, those with depression, those who are lonely, those who only sing in the shower, carers who need a break – with or without their loved one, those who used to sing -the list is endless.   It’s free.  You’ll get a cup of tea or coffee, so there will be a plate for donations if you want.  We’ll sing what you want. We’re not a choir –there will be no concerts!   Come and join us.  We’re meeting once a month in the hall at Lenzie Old Parish Church, (opposite the shops).  The first “Sing” is on Tuesday 15th November at 1.30p.m. (till 3p.m.) We’re calling it “Come and Sing”, because that’s what we mean!