The Eco. committee met on the 24 th . April. We discussed progress on the action plan and concluded that it was well on the way to completion, We then turned our attention to the application for our first Eco. Award. We concluded that we had made enough progress in the last few months to go ahead with our application,

We then set about filling in the application form with various sections about out Eco Activities. We were able to fill in all of the form and hope that our application will be looked on with favour.

Sections included Communication, Spiritual Living, Global Living, and Carbon Footprint. We found the experience challenging and in some places difficult to follow. We will keep you informed as we go along the road and post our application in due course in the large hall.

You may have noticed the difference in the grounds recently and our committee thought it would be an idea to make use of the improvements and enhance the environment for wild life by adding bird feeders, nesting boxes and insect homes. These could be used by Sunday school, Rainbows and

Toddler groups. It would be nice if initially we could get some donations of some of the above as well as bird food to start the project off and the committee would be glad of any such donations. We could then perhaps have a time after church to inaugurate them.