In ministry I meet many remarkable people who care for loved ones 24 hours a day. Whether it is caring for a young person with special needs, a spouse with Alzheimer’s, a parent who has suffered a stroke, they devote themselves selflessly to the task in hand. Their work is hidden and unseen, but is evident in the small, often repetitive tasks that they do each day.

Many have their sleep disrupted and a simple event like a trip to the shops has to be pre-planned, but they carry on, driven by a deep desire that their loved one continues to live life to the full. This kind of caring is an inspiration to us all. It is priceless and precious and should be acknowledged and affirmed.

If you are aware of someone within your neighbourhood who is a carer then offer them some encouragement, tell them what an inspiration they are, meet them for a coffee. I can guarantee that after spending time with them you will feel inspired and uplifted for they are ‘everyday saints’, and they teach us something of the truth, beauty and selflessness of the love of God.