From the Interim Moderator MAY 2016

Thank you to you the members, adherents and regular worshippers of Lenzie Old who turned out in force on Sunday 24th. April, 2016, when Rev. Louise J. E. McClements conducted Worship   at Lenzie Old as  Sole Nominee. At the close of the Service when 171 individuals had voted in favour of calling Louise to be your next Minister, it was hard to know who was more delighted – the Kirk Session when I advised them, Louise when I telephoned to convey the good news and secure her verbal acceptance, or the waiting congregation having tea and coffee in the New Hall, or myself, as Interim Moderator.

I am preparing the paperwork  for submission  to the Presbytery of Glasgow who will deal with the Call itself. Once Presbytery has cleared the paperwork, the notice of Louise’s translation from the Presbytery of Falkirk is circulated around the Presbytery of Glasgow during an eight day period before the process is repeated in Falkirk, prior to its final return to Glasgow. This is all intended to ensure that all parties are happy and no undue influence has been exercised, or pressure brought to bear upon a congregation.

The provisional date set for the Service of Induction is Thursday 23rd. June, 2016 at 7pm. Once the paperwork has been satisfactorily approved, we will hopefully confirm these arrangements. Following the Service I would expect there to be a Social Event where Louise will be introduced and welcomed into the Church.

Rev. Ian Taylor.