Map of Cambodia

Our Missionary Partner’s in Cambodia

In May the Hunt family attended the baptism of five young people at the local swimming pool. After the service most of the congregation jumped into the swimming pool fully clothed to offer their congratulations. Thankfully it is still the hot season and they dried off with a barbecue!
In June there was a fire in the electricity box outside the Hunt family house which resulted in them standing outside in their nightclothes. Thankfully a neighbour had fire extinguishers of the right type so no serious damage was sustained
Cathy’s wrist continues to improve and she is studying the Khymer language full time. Ali has suggested some changes at the hospital and they have been accepted.
At the end of July there is an election in Cambodia some missionary organisations have encouraged their staff to leave the country due to fears of unrest and also the fear that visas may not be renewed or delayed.
During this time the Hunt family will be in Thailand. We hope that they have a relaxed and enjoyable time here. Please continue to pray for them.