Many thanks indeed for your warm welcome to Lenzie Old. It has has been a pleasure to get to know so many of you since beginning my time as your Locum Minister at the start of January. Please continue to bear with me as I try to put names to faces and vice versa.

Over these past few weeks, we have been looking at the book of Ruth on Sunday mornings. One of the features of that book is the hidden hand of God. It is a wonderful example of how God works in the lives of his people and how he is there with us even in the most perplexing and difficult circumstances.

We see the same thing in the book of Romans jn the New Testement where the Apostle Paul encourages that “… in all things God works for the good of those who love him.”

Sometimes we may be at a loss to understand why God allows us to experience some particular challenge or hardship. However the cross assures us of God’s unwavering love for all his children. It shows us the God who brings hope out of despair.

Your Locum Minister and Friend