The Hunts have been celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary and during this time have raised their family’s  and served God in many  different places.
Cathy has a new job as a Community Paediatric Occupational Therapist but no starting date as yet.
Ali continues to communicate with Roat and Cathy with Amara, and some of the  Embrace children have been brought to Phnom Penh for therapy.  In Cambodia schools are now opening and an excellent vaccination programme is now in place.
Abigail and Kirstin are settling at Bishopbriggs Academy and the family hope to enjoy a holiday, the first in a long time, later this month
In Cambodia next week sees the annual P’Chum Ben festival. At this time many Cambodians will travel to the provinces and visit pagodas with food to feed their ancestors often visiting up to 7 temples to ensure all of them are fed.
Please pray against an upsurge of COVID in this time of increasing travel.
As always please remember the family and Cambodia in your prayers.