Cambodia is under curfew. This means that from 8pm-5am no one is allowed out on the streets. This is being enforced by the Military police and tensions are running a bit higher than before. The COVID-19 virus has spread within the community and the healthcare system will struggle to cope with an explosion of cases.
As Ali was reading a passage to Roat from John they heard the sound of drums from the temple. The government has instructed that temples throughout the country to play drums and cymbals three times a day to ward off COVID-19 virus.
Due to restrictions Cathy is not allowed to visit the children on the island and the funding for the research project that Ali was involved in has been withdrawn. Furthermore due to Brexit Ali’s governing podiatry body can no longer provide insurance cover for members working outside the UK. This means he cannot treat patients at the hospital.
The Hunt’s plans to have a tour of Cambodia and say goodbye has been cancelled.
Please pray for the family and the country at this very difficult time.