Cambodia is under flood at the moment affecting over half a million people and resulting in 40 deaths. More than 270,000 hectares of rice crops have been damaged. The government are providing 100kg of non-seasoned rice seeds for each family affected. Please pray for those suffering at this time.

Ali has been attending meetings with the Ministry of Health regarding the publication of the guidelines in the Khmer language for Diabetic foot care. These meetings do not always go smoothly and cause a lot of stress.

Cathy’s work continues to develop. The funding issue may be solved by a grant from an insurance company: however, the conditions of the grant are to focus on sport and this seems to shift the focus away from the rehabilitation work Cathy has been doing on the island.

Ali’s health issues seem to be resolving and a specialist in Singapore has advised monitoring the situation at the moment.

Please remember the Hunts and the people of Cambodia in your prayers.