Map of Cambodia

Things are quiet in Cambodia. Covid 19 hasn’t been very prevalent. Some of the local population have been making scarecrows and leaving them outside their property to ward off the corona virus! The Hunt family have been enjoying catching up with their home church and friends on Zoom. A few more flights have commenced but all arrivals have to quarantine for 14 days. The family are now able to get out and about more and Ali hopes to return to work later this month. Cathy is still unable to return to her work on Silk island.

The girls continue with online schooling and have only 2 more weeks before the school break. The school hopes to return in August unfortunately with much less teachers and pupils. Many of the staff and pupils returned home at the start of the outbreak. The government has hinted that schools may have to stay closed until November. Churches are still not able to meet if there are more than 10 people.

Some good news a new reservoir has been constructed that should help rice and other crop production by ensuring an adequate water

Prayer Points

Please continue to pray for Cambodia to navigate this crisis and give thanks there are no recorded deaths.

Please pray for good hygiene when Ali returns to work.

Please pray for Cathy to return to work on Silk island

Please pray for missionaries and teachers to return when it is safe to do so.