Map of Cambodia

The Hunt family have been taking advantage of the empty tourist spots in Cambodia for a few days. They visited Siem Reap , Angkor Wat and Battambang in the North-West of the country. They enjoyed getting out of Phnom Penh and driving past the green paddy fields in the countryside. They also found time to meet up with some team mates in Siem Reap.
Ali started going back to the hospital in June and has reconnected with some of the patients and staff there. Most patients have been avoiding the hospital due to Covid-19 fears and Ali is concerned about many foot wounds deteriorating as they are not receiving optimum treatment. They are also praying for the adoption of the Diabetic foot guidelines by the Ministry of Health.
Cathy’s NGO has started working back on Silk Island this month, albeit with masks and no physical contact. She has heard reports of some clients having setbacks however there is an opportunity for some enforced uptake of parents and carers providing the therapy for their children because Cathy and her colleagues are not supposed to make physical contact.
The children’s school has made a special application to the government to open in August . If this is declined online teaching will resume until the Cambodian schools open at the end of the year.
Foreigners who wish to enter Cambodia must have a pre-arranged visa. $50,000 insurance cover,  a signed medical  letter stating they have no COVID-19.  and a
$3,000 deposit to cover tests and accommodation if they or anyone else on their flight are discovered to have COVID-19.
Prayer Points
Please pray for Ali’s and Cathy’s ministries as they seek to proclaim Christ in word and deed in their workplaces

Please pray for the school’s application to open in August and for the teachers and director trying to get back into the country.

Please pray for those in government who are managing the economic effects and protecting the country from Covid-19.