The Hunt family thank everyone for their prayers and support over the visa issue. Thankfully the visas were granted and also the visas for other members of OMF and the Memorandum of Understanding is cleared for signings for the next 3 years.

Churches have been given permission to meet again. Services must be limited to 30 minutes and no children are allowed. The English speaking church will be opening again in various homes as the school building cannot be used.

Ali has been experiencing medical issues that are not resolving. Normally he would travel to Singapore or Thailand for advice but this is not possible due to restrictions. Please pray that good advice is possible in Cambodia. He is still working and has a meeting with the Ministry of Health this month to discuss guidelines.

The children have returned to school 5 days a week although larger schools have cohorts coming on different days.

Cathy has told us of a You tube clip of Chantuan, one of the girls who attends Language Friend where Ali helps teach English being interviewed by Travis an OMF Serve Asia worker. If you would like to listen to this girls inspiring testimony here is the link.

A new mosquito borne virus, Chikungunya disease is spreading this rainy season. Three OMF colleagues have been ill with it as well as thousands of Cambodians. The most recent outbreak is in Kendal province near Phnom Penh. At present 300 patients are receiving treatment in a Buddhist pagoda.
There is only 6 months until the Hunt’s home assignment Is due please pray for them as they make decisions about future service and the girl’s education.