Map of Cambodia

Cathy Hunt has taken over a caseload from an occupational therapist on Silk Island a short distance north of Phnom Penh. She visits the island by moto, tuk tuk and then boat! She is providing treatment for children with various disabilities as well as supervising and advising Amara the Khmer nurse working there. There is extensive poverty on this island where some of the children are seen as an extra burden to their families.
Ali has recovered from Dengue Fever and is hosting an OMF photographer who will be taking promotional shots for the OMF media team about the work in Cambodia.
Their elder daughter sustained a fracture to her arm after falling off her skateboard on Christmas Day but has thankfully recovered. Both girls are off to school camp this month.
In January this year in an attempt to influence Cambodia’s human rights record the EU started to impose duty on goods from Cambodia. This has resulted in rice prices dropping by 12.5% causing farmers who rent their land to fall into debt.

Prayer And Praise Points
Praise God for Cathy’s placement on Silk Island and pray for good relationships with staff there.
Praise God for Ali’s recovery from Dengue Fever.
Please pray for the photography trip; for safe travel and strong images of the work here.