We have been here in Phnom Penh for just over two months now and we are getting more and more settled. Traveling around the city takes less energy than it did and we can communicate every day tasks reasonably well. The difficulty comes when we try and get deeper into language and explain treatment plans at the diabetes hospital or understand a Church sermon. Please pray that we would be good and efficient learners of the Cambodian language. Abigail and Kirstin have settled well at school but miss their friends in Scotland; added to this, the international/missionary community is constantly changing here so friends come and go regularly. This can be difficult to deal with. On the plus side, it has been great reconnecting with Cambodian friends and it is always encouraging when we come across Cambodian Christians in everyday situations. Please pray that we would be an encouragement to them to reach out to those around them with the good news of Jesus.
Thank you for your prayers and support,
In Christ, Ali, Cathy, Abigail and Kirstin Hunt