Map of Cambodia

As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so
the LORD surrounds his
people both now and

Psalm 125:2

Prayer Points
Praise God for a good time reconnecting with friends and family
Thank God for the ease in which the girls have settled into school
Please pray that Lipsa would start going to the Global Cafe and hear about Jesus
Please continue to pray for the team in Cambodia for the challenges they face.

Speaking events

10th June, Paisley (evening)
14th June, Chryston Parish Church (evening)
23rd June, Moodiesburn Church
24th June, Aberdeen (evening)

Our time in Scotland continues to be refreshing; cooler weather,
camping trips (see picture), bike rides and catching up with friends. Ali
has been visiting prayer groups and churches to share something of
the work in Cambodia whilst Cathy has been supporting the girls at
home. It seems strange to think that we will start packing up again at
the end of June and get ready to head back to Cambodia in August
(after some time on a course at OMF for Ali and some holiday time in
July). It has been encouraging for Ali to meet many faithful ‘prayers’ at
the prayer groups and we really enjoyed seeing old friends and
hearing of the work that is going on at St John’s Newland (our old
church in Hull) as they adopted us as Mission Associates.
The girls are continuing to enjoy their time at school (Abigail especially
likes the smaller amount of homework she is getting!) Due to not
having any internet access at home it has been challenging for Abigail
to keep in touch with her friends, but the few times she does manage
to get some WiFi there are excited messages from around the globe!
Kirstin is missing her friends and teacher in Cambodia but has
enjoyed having her sister back as a playmate (as she has less
homework!) Ali was pleased to meet a Cambodian student (Lipsa)
through a contact at Stirling Uni – please pray that he might get
involved with the Global International Cafe that is run on campus
there. Cathy is looking forward to attending an OT conference in
Birmingham in the middle of June.
The team in Cambodia are continuing to grieve for Wonil and it is hard
to be apart from them all at this time. Added to that there has been a
high incidence of Dengue Fever this year and two team mates are
hospitalised at present. Please pray for those affected and especially
Dr Simon Collins (the team doctor) as he manages the situation.
Please also pray for a time of refreshment and healing as the team
have their Field Conference from the 24th-28th of June.
God bless, Ali, Cathy, Abigail and Kirstin