he Hunt family have enjoyed a relaxing holiday in Thailand and are now starting their second year in Cambodia. Thankfully the election passed with no incidents with the ruling party winning 125 out of 125 seats. Cathy has been in contact with the government regarding the home for the elderly but has not had a reply. This maybe because of a possible government reshuffle. Unfortunately she is still having trouble with her wrists .
On the 11th of September Ali and DR. Malineat gave a speech to the Kymer staff at OMF about Diabetes this was particularly significant as many of the staff have family members with Diabetes. I am sure it would have been received well.
In Cambodia many people have Chinese heritage and on certain feast days you will often see families dressed in red (a lucky colour) burning paper money, cardboard boxes and cars for the spirits of their ancestors in the next life.
The Hunt children are making friends with neighbours children and are starting another year at school. Please remember them in your prayers. Praise and Prayer points are on our website.