Recently I happened to be travelling on my bike on the new relief link road between Auchinairn Road and Wester Cleddens Road in Bishopbriggs. When this new road was first opened it was designated as a 50 mile per hour zone.For me  it has opened up numerous possibilities in cycling around my Parish – in some case shortening my journey times!  So a very welcome relief, especially on rainy days. However local residents began to express concerns over the speed limit being set at 50. In response to this the local council have installed speed monitors on both sides ofthe carriageway. As you approach the signs, a travelling speed flashes up, followed by either a smiley face  or a frown. As I cycled towards the speed monitor travelling all the while into the wind and rain, I wondered if I was travelling fast enough to register on the screen. I put a little burst of energy into the pedals as I seemed not to have registered at all, when suddenly the number 13 appeared , followed by a smiley face, mirroring my own facial expression. Recognition at last. But I quickly broke into a huge grin as the number changed and flashed 47, followed by a frown.  A few seconds later a car passed me and I realised I wasn’t travelling at 47mph, the car was, my top speed had only been 13mph. Reflecting on my varying journey speeds it struck me that sometimes we are travelling slowly but in a hurry to arrive at our destination. At other times we are travelling quickly but in no hurry to arrive. Since May of last year we have sometimes found ourselves travelling at varying speeds through the current Vacancy. However we are still on the road and our destination is still clear – the discernment of a call to your next Minister. Please continue to pray for the Nominating Committee as they carry out their duties in that process. Sometimes it may appear as if progress is slow, at other times quick. But progress is being made. Or as St. Paul puts it, “And what of ourselves? With all these witnesses to faith around us like a cloud, we must throw off every encumbrance, every sin to which we cling, and run with resolution the race for which we are entered, our eyes fixed on Jesus, on whom faith depends from start to finish: Jesus who, for the sake of the joy that lay ahead of him, endured the cross, making light of its disgrace, and had taken his seat at the right hand of the throne of God.” (Hebrews 12:1-2, NEB)

Rev. Ian Taylor.