This year’s Spring Harvest was held for the first time in Harrogate, which was a lovely place to explore in itself.  The theme for this year’s Harvest programme was “Only the Brave!” Providing opportunities to explore the meaning & purpose of discipleship.

There was so much going on to take your interest and provide you with inspiration! There were six of us in our party going from Scotland, Rev Louise, David McClements (seasoned Harvesters), Ann White & her daughter, Kit, Aileen Nicol & myself. It was great to share the journey & the social times too!

The accommodation was very comfortable & venue was in an excellent location.  After registration and obtaining our programmes we were able to peruse the choice of workshops and decide which of the topics we would be interested in hearing.  There were motivating talks / bible study workshops focussing on the gospel according to James, the brother of Jesus.  In the evenings after visiting some of Harrogate’s finest restaurants (including the famous Betty’s Tearooms) we would gather in the auditorium to share evening worship with people from all over the world and enjoy the lively music.  The guest speakers shared their stories which were very moving, but uplifting.  The talk given by a North Korean woman was particularly humbling as she shared with us her strong faith, which helped her through a period of imprisonment.  She led us in singing “Amazing Grace” in Korean, which made me realise how blessed we are that we can worship here in Lenzie without being persecuted.   There was also an opportunity to speak to people working with organisations such as opendoors which helps Christians around the world who are persecuted for their faith.

There were other stands in the “Hub” a place to relax, engage with Organisations or browse the wonderful array of books on sale.

Another Organisation which interested us was the Mercy Ships.   These well equipped hospital ships carry out treatment and provide essential care in third world countries.  Another amazing story of Christian courage and determination makes discipleship a reality.

It was great to hear of all the wonderful work being carried out in the name of Jesus, our Lord and saviour.

We had a wonderful time and next year’s Spring Harvest is back in Harrogate where we can expect the same high quality & varied sessions.  The Convention Centre offered excellent facilities and there were many inspirational moments of worship.

Next year’s theme is:

UNLIMITED when you pray!   As prayer convenor I will certainly be booking my place…………………..Come and be inspired!

Liz Laird

Prayer Convenor