Christ’s Church is not closed!

The doors may be shut and locked, the lights out in

The building up the street

But the Church isn’t closed.


We may be told to stay at home, self isolate,

We may be ill or too frail to come,

We may be disillusioned with the institution, or with God

But the Church is not closed


The Church cannot close because it is not a building.

The Church is YOU and me, and every child of God

Who feels the tug of His love and senses His presence,

Even in the darkness, even in loneliness,

Even in fear or sorrow.


The Church is open, though the building is closed.

It will stay open as long as His children stay open to God,

And seek His presence wherever they may be.


This day Christ says to you,

“I am with you always”.

So take this moment to enjoy his companionship,

To be still, to give thanks and to hand over your cares

And know that you do so in company with God’s family,

Not only in our building but all over the world.


Alison Britchfield  17 March 2020.