Come and Sing

Our Come & Sing Lenzie group received a Grant from a Dementia Inclusive Singing Network (Luminate) and we were able to produce a DVD from film footage taken last year of a group of our Volunteers known as the " Happy Songsters" singing in a local Care Home.  This was distributed to our [...]

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Christmas Services

Christmas Eve at 4pm-  Online Family Christingle- to participate families should have their own Christingle kit ready comprising of one orange, one small candle, four cocktail sticks, some raisins and soft sweeties, a plate, a piece of red ribbon or strip of red crepe paper and a pin to secure. The orange is sliced [...]

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How to make a Christingle

To make your own Christingle: You will need: Orange Candle A square of silver foil (75 mm/3" square) Red tape, ribbon or strip of red crepe paper Pins Cocktail sticks Sweet and/or dried fruit Instructions: (with adult supervision, please!) If the orange does not sit flat, cut a small slice off the bottom [...]

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Sunday Service 20th December 2020

Today's’ Scripture Reading is the beautiful passage from John Ch1, v1-18 read our student  Julie . The sermon theme is ‘The Power of the Story’ reflecting upon the Nativity Story and how it can speak to each one of us in a unique way this Christmas . Julie will lead us in prayers for [...]

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Mission Partners’ Report

At the start of November a European Foreign Minister arrived in Cambodia and since he was a diplomat did not need to quarantine. He met with many officials including the Cambodian Prime Minister. When he arrived in Thailand, his next stop, he tested positive for Covid -19. As a direct result of this, [...]

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