Lenzie Old Parish Church Prayer Diary

We ask God’s Blessing on the following days of April:

1.Please pray for those people who have impaired vision or no sight on this Prevention of Blindness Week. We give thanks to God for the senses that he has given us and for the support that is provided to those in need.
2.On this World Autism Awareness Day we pray your blessing on those with Autism and their families and thank you for the gifts they bring to our world.
3.We pray for those affected by Parkinson’s Disease during Parkinson’s Awareness month and give thanks to those family members, carers and professionals who provide care & support to those who face everyday problems due to this illness.
4.We pray for fishermen who leave their families for long periods risking their lives in sometimes very stormy seas to bring fish to our tables.
5.On this Palm Sunday we remember our Lord Jesus Christ’s peaceful entry into Jerusalem riding on a donkey and how triumph turned to tragedy as he faced the cross and died for our sins.
6.A prayer from a member of Focus.  “I pray for the people in wars and the innocent children who get caught in these and are killed by mistake.  I also pray for the impacts that people struggle with, such as hunger due to climate change.”
7.On this World Health Day we pray that God will lay his healing hands upon humanity as we face various health issues including the current Coronavirus.  We give thanks for the Medical care received in our clinics, hospitals and Hospices.  We ask all this in Jesus name who healed many people when here on earth.
8.We pray this morning for all those neighbours who are facing difficult times just now, whether through illness, relationships, money worries or problems known only to themselves.   May they know that God’s love and strength are there and available to them for the asking.
9.We are reminded on this Maundy Thursday of Christ’s last supper he shared with his disciples and pray that our faith in him deepens as we contemplate his life and ministry.  
10On this Good Friday we think about Christ’s personal sacrifice for us and pray for enlightenment on how we can follow in his footsteps.
11We pray that the real message of Easter may be known to all!
12On Easter Sunday we give our heartfelt thanks to God for the resurrection of his son Jesus and we pray for those people who have yet to hear of the Good news that Christ lives.
13Today on this glorious Easter Monday we reflect on the Easter message and give thanks for the Light of the World, our saviour, Jesus Christ.
14We offer our prayers for Spring Harvest (this year’s theme is (unleashed – the Acts church today).  May God’s hand be upon all those involved and may many be inspired and challenged by the events which take place during this time.
15Please pray for the Church in Iran (Elam ministries).  As in a lot of places around the world, Christians face persecution.  We pray for justice, fairness and Peace.
16We ask God to grant Peace to all people of Israel and that those who seek peace are guided by his Grace.
17We pray for all Nursery leaders and those who work with young children.  May they be nurturing and show kindness to all in their care.
18We ask prayers for all Padres in the Armed forces who carry out their duties in difficult circumstances and places. We ask God to give them strength and resilience.
19As our fabric committee deal with the problems in our steeple, we thank you for them and the time they give to looking after our Sanctuary.  May they be blessed in all they do. 
20We pray today for hospital Chaplains and those who work in Hospices.  God grant them his grace to fulfil their difficult roles.
21 “Father God, may we look at others as if through Your eyes, less judging, more loving, and seeing them, like us, as not perfect or finished but as work in progress that will be completed in due time by Your hands.”
22This is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Let us pray for the future of our planet and ask God to give us guidance on how to protect it for future generations.
23On World Book Day we pray to God to thank him for the gift of books and for those who inspire us with their writing. This year’s theme is: “I am the world” May we praise our Lord and encourage children to read and learn about the world and its Creator.
24As we join with the other Lenzie Churches in a “Songs of Praise” tonight in Lenzie Union Church, we ask God’s blessing on all taking part and remember the work of the Bible Societies around the world.
25As this is “World Malaria Day” we pray that our heavenly Father wraps his loving arms around those who are experiencing the effects of this disease.  We also remember all those taking part in the “Bridge Crosses” across Scotland today for Christian Aid.
26Today we pray for people of other faiths and ask God to give us a sense of fairness and tolerance toward others. May we show compassion and kindness to others as did our Lord Jesus.
27We pray this morning for ourselves.  Help us to see the blessings we sometimes fail to notice – the smile from a neighbour, the laughter heard in the distance from the school playground, the sunshine on the Campsies.  We thank you for these and many other blessings of today.
28On this World Day for Safety & Health at work we pray for God’s protection on situations at work which could potentially be dangerous and give thanks for those who help to bring a sense of safety by their diligence and commitment.
29We offer our prayers for all those who will be involved in exams over the coming weeks.  We pray for our young people and ask God to alleviate their anxieties and be with them at this time.  We also thank God for all the teachers and tutors who assist them with their studies.
30 Today we pray for the women and children who are living in a refuge house.  We pray that they will soon be given new accommodation and be able to have a “Fresh Start” in life.