Christmas Eve at 4pm–  Online Family Christingle- to participate families should have their own Christingle kit ready comprising of one orange, one small candle, four cocktail sticks, some raisins and soft sweeties, a plate, a piece of red ribbon or strip of red crepe paper and a pin to secure. The orange is sliced at the bottom to place on a plate and a criss cross is cut into the top to insert the candle. Instructions about preparing kit will be placed on the Church website, Facebook and YouTube nearer the time.

Watchnight service at 11:30pm– Online and Phoneline on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day reflections at 11am– Online and Phoneline.

As we are going into tier 4 on Boxing Day, Sunday worship will take place online and on the phoneline for the foreseeable future until we move back into tier 3 or under.

Sunday 27th December  11am –  Online and Phoneline.  The Moderator’s Christmas service will be available online and phoneline in the afternoon.