We ask God’s Blessing on the following days of February:
1stPlease pray for Global Peace in these troubled times. We ask God’s blessing on all those involved in conflict in all areas of the world.
2ndWe ask God’s blessing on “Souper Sunday” and on those who benefit from Church of Scotland’s HIV Project. We pray hope for our Congregation here in Lenzie Old Parish as the Presbytery Committee visits today. May God’s hand guide and support the work of all involved.
3rdWe pray for our World Leaders/Governments/Religious Leaders may God’s power and Grace be evident in the decisions made and implemented.
4thOn this day of National Cancer Awareness we pray for all beings affected by this illness, may they experience God’s loving and compassionate arms around them in their time of need. We also pray for those who care for them both personally and professionally.
5thWe pray for the Right Rev Colin Sinclair during his year as Moderator of Church of Scotland. May he serve our God well as he visits people both at home and overseas and that he is surrounded by God’s Love and protection.
6thOn this World Zero Tolerance of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)we ask God’s loving embrace enfold those affected by this practice and that it is soon brought to an end.
7thWe offer our prayers for the important work of the General Trustees and ask that the decisions made are carried out in the precious name of Jesus Christ to further God’s Kingdom.
8thMay we pray for the Scottish HQ of Deafblind Scotland and thank the Lord for the crucial work carried out by those who work there.We ask God’s blessing on all whose lives are affected by hearing /sight disabilities.
9thWe pray for our Sunday services and in particular our minister as she proceeds with her studies. May God’s power and wisdom enable her to gain valuable knowledge to enhance her ministry.
10thWe pray for our safeguarding team and ask God’s protection on all who are vulnerable within our Community.
11thWe offer prayers for all who volunteer at Talking Newspaper charity, which provides a much needed service to people with sight disabilities. We give thanks for all who assist in delivering this service.
12thWe pray for the Community Council and all who work locally for the good of all people in our Community.
13thWe show our gratitude by praying for all who manage Food Banks locally and North East Glasgow where there are refugees in need of provisions. We ask God to be with those in need of this vital service.
14thWe pray for God to strengthen family bonds and to be with those experiencing difficulties/struggling with their relationships. May his light and love shine on them. May God help us to be salt and light to others.
15thWe offer our prayers for all involved in East Dunbartonshire Woman’s Aid. We thank God for those who work to provide relief and shelter for those affected by abusive relationships. May God be with those in need of his support, strength and love.
16thPray for Christian Aid partners who are fervently seeking justice for the communities in which they work. Give thanks and pray for the workshops run by our partner AHDAA in Afghanistan.
17thWe offer our gratitude to God in prayer as more churches become involved in reading his word through the Community Bible Experience.We also share God’s word through the Bible Society’s Bible 2020 around the globe using modern technology. We pray that people are drawn into a closer relationship with God and each other.
18thWe ask God to help us to be kinder/ more compassionate towards each other and to follow Jesus example by being non-judgemental of others.
19thWe give thanks to God for the people who have been trained in Scotland over the past two years by the Scottish Bible Society(Bible – based trauma healing). Pray as they hold groups within their communities that they will know God’s blessing and presence as they serve him.
20thWe pray for the work of overseas mission fellowship (OMF) and our Missionary partners the Hunt family who are based in Cambodia. We ask God that they continue their valuable work abroad and that he keeps them safe and in good health.
21stWe pray for Lenzie Old Parish Fundraising Committee and their event entitled “From me to you.” We ask God to bless this event which consists of a clothes swapping evening and trust this helps to reduce our carbon footprint.
22ndWe ask God’s blessings on World Thinking Day from the “Guiding Movement” and the themes of this year’s International Friendship are: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. May we thank guide leaders around the world for their dedication to this worthwhile movement.
23rdWe pray for us as a congregation and offer our gratitude to God that we are able to come together in our beautiful church to worship in freedom.
24thWe pray for those who attend of Time Out who meet on Mondays.We thank God for the committee who organise interesting and inspiring talks for members and also give thanks for the money raised for the various charities through their kind donations.
25thWe ask God to bless all who raise funds and work in Hospices and we pray for all who require the support and treatment through this vital service.
26thWe pray for our bible study group (Conversations) which meets on Wednesdays. When we meet we use passages from the bible to discuss God’s word and how it can help us deepen our faith in the world we live in.
27thWe give thanks for the work of our Council workers who provide important services in our communities, keeping our public areas safe and clean.
28thWe remember in our prayers those who are struggling with finances as we use more heating and lighting over these winter months and pray for God’s strength and sustaining grace.
29thWe pray that God will remind us that because we have Christ as our Lord and saviour he brings light to our darkest days.