Bone Weariness meets Divine Steadfastness

Today’s Scripture reading is Exodus Ch33, v12-23. If you have time try and read it through slowly today. It’s a wonderfully rich text which describes a conversation between Moses and God. Moses is weary and irritable and you can pick this up in the text amidst the jumbled questions he asks God. Some scholars even say he is suffering from burnout! I’m picking up on the theme of weariness which we are all feeling at the moment as we try to live our lives amidst pandemic- the sermon title will be- ‘Bone Weariness meets Divine Steadfastness’.  Julie will lead in our prayers for others and Benediction. Similar to last Sunday as we are now worshipping in church at 11am the service will be available in the afternoon online and on our phone-line 0141 255 0382   If you have a moment then read the text- if you don’t have a Bible to hand just google ‘Exodus 33, 12-23 NIV’ – it’s a fascinating read!